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Academic Technology Resources: Moodle Cloud FAQs

Moodle Cloud

Moodle cloud


1. How do I move my course content from a previous course that is not hosted on the cloud?

2. How do I access any previous courses?

  • At the top of your dashboard, click "other sites"

3. Why are we moving to Moodle Cloud?

  • It provides a more secure environment, more storage, easier to maintain, ability to stay more up-to-date, and more.

4. Why am I getting an error when trying to copy over my course content?

  • This is most likely due to having a Turnitin assignment in your course. Due to a Turnitin issue, any assignment with the Turnitin icon next to them, will not copy over because of an ongoing Turnitin issue. turnitin assignment

5. How do faculty and students access their course on the cloud?